Meet Shekinah

Hey everyone,

I’m Shekinah, a 20-something year old, on fire Christ lover!! I was born and raised in South Florida, attended undergrad at the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!), and received my Masters of Science in Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill (Go Heels!). I am now pursuing my Ph.D. at Brown University, and it may be hard to see at first “but only God” could make all of this possible.

I am the daughter of two ministers who have their ministry in Delray Beach, FL. I grew up dancing in church, but please don’t ask me to sing! I gave my “first sermon” when I was four, titled “Standing on the Word of God,”  it’s probably one of the funniest stories I have to tell about my life. I was a guest minister at the age of 12 and spoke about faith… Holy Spirit used me to “#ShutTheHouseDown” lol. After that sermon a woman told me “that was real nice honey but before you can really preach you have to go through something.” So I spent the next number of years searching for things to get into, often times acting like Jonah taking a straight beeline in the opposite direction of where God was calling me.

But HIS GRACE!!! And HIS MERCY! They kept me.

In 2008 my spiritual journey took a leap when I was giftted a personal prayer language. I took off to college, and that’s when things got sticky, but I never lost my rooting. Surrendering my life fully to God has been a process but now I am destined to walk in the fullness of what God has called me to do.

Starting this site was step 2! Starting the @thestart_ofsomething_glorious Instagram (which is now @eleven40glory) and writing “The Start of Something Glorious” book were step 1. So I will continue to take steps because I refuse to allow my 11 Day journey to become 40 years. I’ve discovered that 11 days is only achieved through 1:1 (one on one) time with God. Pencil it in and before you know it, it will be a lifestyle and you will never want to leave his presence.

Looking forward to sharing this walk with each of you!

Peace and Love ❤

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