What is Eleven40?

Eleven40 Glory is still being shaped and molded into all that it is destined to be. This is only year 2 but stay tuned for all the greatness to come!

Mission Statement:  An organization tasked with helping individuals pursue their purpose in life, embrace excellence while doing so; by encouraging, empowering, and equipping all those who are desiring to live a purpose-filled life.

Vision Statement: “Eleven40” will be the reminder that through life’s different seasons and journeys, there is always greatness for us to experience.

“Helping people embrace their spiritual and professional journeys, and reach their God-given purpose  in ’11 days’ through dedication.”

Meaning: Eleven40 refers to the number of days (11) it should have taken the Israelites to leave Egypt and make it to the promised land compared to the actual number of years (40) it took (See His Truths & Promises). Eleven40 represents letting go of the past and other old things for a new journey, into a new season, fulfilling a new promise. Eleven40 should also remind us of the “wilderness” experience that we must endure before the Glory and promises of God are revealed. Initially new seasons may feel like the wilderness, we may feel lost, lonely, or fearful; but God’s presence, glory, and power is consistently present even in that wilderness. Eleven40 points to the promises of God that are to be revealed, the process that is to be endured, and the glory that is to be inherited.

Whether the new journey is spiritually (i.e. a new relationship with Christ), mentally (i.e. starting school or a new job), socially (i.e. starting a family or leaving an old love), or physically (i.e. getting and maintaining that “summer bod”) Eleven40 is here to provide encouragement and guidance. If you are “searching” or just starting your journey in Christ or looking for a way to renew or refresh your life keep an eye out for “The Start of Something Glorious” a book that serves as a 21-day bible study guide to deepening your intimacy with God. If you are moving to a new city, starting a new job, heading to a new school, leaving an old or starting a new relationship/friendship, etc…. then this book and this site was created just for you!

Here we will build a community of support and encouragement as the Holy Spirit allows me to share my journey from Delray Beach, FL to Providence, RI, from “friend” 1 to “friend” 2, from school 1 to school 2, and so on. He is constantly and consistently taking each of us from one season to the next but He is also constantly and consistently meeting us in each season and place with His grace. Will we trust Him?

I hope that you enjoy what you read and join the conversation! With much love it is time to “LEAVE NOW” walk into our “PROMISED LAND” and become “HEIRS TO HIS GLORY”.

This is the start of something glorious!

Shalom ❤