Become a 2019 EGC Partner Ministries

Our Covenant Partner Ministries are aligned with the Eleven40 Glory mission and have vowed to be covenant partners with us as we help youth and young adults from all over fortify faith in an age of faithlessness. 

Many of our partner ministries will be in attendance and are already praying for each Eleven40 Glory Conference attendee. Becoming a partner ministry is as easy as responding to this call with a “YES! I stand with this generation!”

Email us at if your ministry is interested in partnering, being featured on our website, and/or gifting an in-kind, time, or service donation (food, lighting, projectors, portable speakers, photography, etc.).

Additionally, please consider participating in our “Welcome Home Unity Night.” Grab your outreach/evangelism team and let’s make January 19th a United Night to remember! Let’s flood the downtown area and welcome new souls home.

Take your partnership to a whole new level! 

This year we are proud to present our Partnership Tiers:

  1. Covenant – Your name listed on our website’s partnership page
  2. Silver $50 – Your Logo posted on our website’s partnership and sponsorship  pages + 1 Early Bird Student Admission (This admission can be for a student you know or one in need of financial support.)
  3. Gold $100Silver + Your Logo posted on our social media posts & EGC materials
  4. Platinum $250Gold + Your Logo & Verbal acknowledgements at the EGC + 1 General Admission or A Pastoral Lunch Pass (This admission can be for someone you know or someone in need of financial support. The Pastoral pass allows for 1 ministry representative to enjoy lunch with conference participants.)

*All gifts are tax deductible*

Please do not feel limited or constrained by tiers above. Feel free to give whatever you desire, every bit can help.

Donate with PayPal

Check out our current partners. 

Before a reformation can come to the Body there must be a renaissance. God used the most skillful craftsman, Bezalel, to direct the building of the Tabernacle in Exodus 31. Today He has is calling His children, all of whom are divinely skillful, to build His Kingdom. He is calling the artist, technologist, business(wo)man, academician, writer, and others. The Renaissance is all about allowing people the opportunity to discover and see how their gifts and talents can be used to advance the Kingdom of God even in the places they are currently in.

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