Become An EGC Sponsor

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Our sponsors come in many shapes and sizes. Some donate finances, a number donate time, and many donate much needed services (musicians, photographers, graphics specialists, soundboard technicians).

If you are interested in gifting an in-kind, time, or service donation (food, lighting, projectors, portable speakers, photography, etc.) please contact us through This year we are providing an opportunity for youth and young adults to apply for a “Startup Resource Package”, if you would like to donate services towards these packages please contact us.

Visit the link above to donate to this conference. Your support is much appreciated, it will help us to ensure an amazing experience for all participants.

This year we are proud to present our Sponsorship Tiers:

  1. Patron $25 – Your name listed on our website’s sponsorship page. 
  2. Silver $50Patron + Your Logo posted on our website’s sponsorship page + 1 Early Bird Student Admission (This admission can be for a student you know or one in need of financial support). 
  3. Gold $100Silver + A social media blast about you and/or your business + Your Logo on our EGC materials. 
  4. Platinum $250Gold + Your Logo & Verbal promotion at the EGC + 1 General Admission (This admission can be for someone you know or someone in need of financial support).
  5. Diamond $500Platinum + Your Logo on all promotional materials + Additional social media blasts about you and/or your business + A CEO Breakfast & Lunch Pass (This pass is can be used for yourself or 1 other representative to attend the EGC continental breakfast and/or boxed lunch with our attendees).

*All gifts are tax deductible*

Please do not feel limited or constrained by tiers above. Feel free to give whatever you desire, every bit can help.

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