Reclaiming My Time

First off…. Happy 25th Birthday to me! 😀 (lol anywhos!)

Today I woke up early to start my 25th year of life out right, and headed to the gym. I planned to get to the gym at 6am, but I only woke up at 6am. I arrived to the gym at 6:30am and hit the treadmill (because everything else in there looked scary – I haven’t been to the gym since….2014). As I was on the treadmill, praying that God let my legs keep moving and that I didn’t go flying off in front of everyone, I started to listen to His voice. I heard him say “Protect Your Time.”

In this 25th year of life, I vow to #ProtectMyTime.

I laughed and said, “yup I’m #ReclaimingMyTime.” Then God said, “You wouldn’t have to “reclaim” your time if you only protected your time in the first place.”

Then I started to think more about Auntie Maxine… Auntie Maxine wasn’t taking her time back, as the phrase “Reclaiming My Time” may suggest, in actuality she was #ProtectingHerTime. She wasn’t going to let that “good gentlemen” waste her space and time with empty air; no she wanted answers to her questions –  she had a plan, she had goals, and she had purpose!

So how am I going to be #ProtectingMyTime this year?

  • I am a CEO in the making, so I have to start living like a CEO. I will rise at 4:30am to get my day in order, but that also means I am in bed and out by 9:30pm. With that being said, if you’re a night hawk, good for you, but don’t look for me. No shade on my girls, but they were in my house until 12am this morning (of course I appreciated the birthday love) but in the spirit of #ProtectingMyTime – no visitors after 9! Please, and thank you lol. The “early bird catches the worm,” a good night’s rest is “major key”.
  • I refuse to have my space and time filled with empty air. I heard recently that “what the devil can’t destroy, he distracts.”I will not be distracted by social media. Beyond posting what God speaks to me/through me I will no longer fill my days scrolling and watching what others do.
  • I don’t have to update EVERYONE on EVERYTHING.I had in my mind today, the desire to snap my whole birthday adventure – from the gym, to school, to the spa, and to bible study. As I was leaving the gym I thought, “shoot I forgot to take a picture to let the people know I was at the gym.’” Then I thought, “boy I saved a lot of time by not sharing a video or picture of what I was doing…. #ProtectingMyTime.”
  • When I make time, is when I make time. I have a plan, I have goals, I have a purpose, and I have a schedule… #RespectMyTime. I can’t say yes to everything; I can’t even hang out on the phone for hours but I still love you! And I may text back really slow but just know I’m making moves that prayerfully will one day benefit you and I. Don’t get me wrong, I value my family and friend time, so this isn’t me cutting anyone off! This is just me being real and saying that I only have time and capacity for what God is calling me to in this season.
  • Lastly, I am a woman of God with a desire to do all that my Father has called me to. No, I am not married, with a child on the way, 2 houses, 2 cars, a picket fence, a dog, and a vacation to Italy in the Spring (as I had planned at the age of 14). But (even greater) I am a daughter of the Most High King, who leans not to her own understanding, who trusts completely in the Lord, whose needs are supplied according to His Riches and Glory, and whose steps have be established by the King of Kings. I am a woman who is in the season that God has called her to, who is determined to be content in that season, and who is determined to keep #ProtectingHerTime.

Listen, I pray that I can uphold this vow. And I hope that you can take it up too. At the end of the day if we are filling our space and time with empty air and distractions how are we supposed to have room for God to fill our space and time; and ultimately to fill us?! You know what the Israelites filled their space and time with? Complaining, murmuring, discontentment, partying, drinking, eating, fornication –> all summed up into a little phrase known as “Acts of the Flesh.”So in order to keep #ProtectingMyTime, I will live by the Spirit (Romans 8:13).

Let me know what it means to you, to Protect Your Time, and what steps you plan to take.

Divine Key:Genesis 49:27says, “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; in the morning he devours the prey, in the evening he divides the plunder.” In the morning, in my youth, watch me work! I am less concerned with the labels I can wear (physically and emotionally) and more concerned with the labels I can create for myself and others. 😉 (that’s a loaded statement – think about it).


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