Am I going Blind?

A Judges 16 Bible Study

*Here are a few thoughts that I gathered from a sermon on a similar topic and further study of Judges 16*

To lose your sight is the worst thing. Perhaps worse than being born without sight. God’s word says that it is better to not have known Him than to know Him and reject Him (2 Peter 2:21). Now some may say rejecting is a choice whereas going blind is a passive happening. Well, from a spiritual standpoint, I beg to differ; they are one in the same most times. When we go spiritually blind it doesn’t “just happen.” There are decisions that are made along the way that make the loss of sight an active choice. When we choose to live in sin, according to our flesh (see Galatians 5:19-21)we are choosing to be blinded. Take for example the story of Samson and Delilah in Judges 16.

Samson was a judge to the Israelites known for his strength. The Philistines desired to kill him but could not because he was too strong. So, they used the woman that he loved, Delilah, to learn and overcome the secret behind his strength (his hair). Delilah nagged him endlessly (v. 16) until he told her the true source of his strength. Once he did the Philistines used it to subdue him. Once they seized him they immediately blinded him. Isn’t interesting that the enemies first strategic move is to blind us.

We end up in a relationship, on a job, or in a city that we shouldn’t be in because we’ve been blinded by lust, money, greed, and worldly desires. We compromise on the things God has called us to do because we choose to fill our space and time with other people and other things God has not called us to. When our reasons for staying somewhere that God hasn’t called us to doesn’t align with the plan and purpose God has given us then we know we are being blinded. And if you can make it align in some roundabout way…. I would caution you against the mind games the enemy tries to play

Moral of the story (excuse that the sidebar) is that Samson didn’t “just go blind.” He made conscious decisions that got him to that place. One of these decisions was to fall in love/lust with a woman who was not loyal to him and whom God did not call him to. I wonder if God even called him to be in that city in the first place. Another of the decisions was to tell Delilah the truth about his hair. He was already blinded (by “love” I suppose) that he didn’t even see the tricks she kept trying to pull on him. Every time he told her a lie about what would weaken him she would try it – this should have been warning that she was no good. His relationship with Delilah cost him his life… How many of us are in relationships or friendships or on jobs that could cost us our life, naturally or spiritually? Remember, we can’t afford to date people who we can’t afford to marry.

Something else I learned in Judges 16 is that God will restore. The scripture says that Samson’s hair began to grow again. You see in verse 28 he asks God to remember him, God does, and restores his strength. {God is a “God of Again” He will give us as many chances as He needs to accomplish His purpose à That’s called grace. But don’t take His grace for granted because if you don’t make moves on what He has called you to do, He will move on to the next willing vessel.}  Now, thankfully through the death of Jesus Christ we can be restored – God is a God of restoration. Thankfully through the resurrection of Jesus Christ when we are restored we are created to be new creatures – God is a God of creation. And thankfully through the ascension of Jesus Christ we don’t have to ask God to remember us (as Samson did) because Jesus is seated at the right hand of the father making intercession on our behalf!

Oh, what a Joy it is to be the sons and daughters of the most high King. Yes, the enemy may come to blind us with thoughts, worldly desires, lust, passion, distractions, music, alcohol, drugs, school, work… whatever else he can use to take our attention and worship from God. But realize that the enemy doesn’t actually know where our strength is rooted (they tried 3 different things before cutting Samson’s hair) and if it is truly rooted in Christ, no matter what he tries to use to blind us, it won’t last.

Last thing that popped out at me in this study was in verse 30 where it says “Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived.” The last bit of strength that God gave Samson he used to knock the temple down, killing himself and many of the Philistines. What stuck with me here is rooted in John 21:15-19. Samson’s death and the death of the Philistines Glorified God. Jesus’s death and resurrection Glorified God. Jesus saved many more people when he died than when he lived on earth. If we are to be like Christ and do the works that he did then this means that when we die to self, we kill off all of the things that the flesh produced (see Galatians reference above). Death to self makes it so that God is Glorified, His spirit comes alive, and others are able to be saved and have a new life in Christ.

I hope that you all can see the parallel here – Samson was a judged he killed in the name of the Lord; we are heirs to His Glory, we save in the name of the lord and when we die to self (we kill the flesh) saving more than when we lived for ourselves.


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