Welcome to the day: A prophetic post.

Tuesday mornings are my “Monday.” Typically on Monday I am alert and awake, ready to start a productive week! But come Tuesday, I usually can’t believe the week is under way, I’m always ready to back out and get back to the weekend. On Wednesday I’m usually stressing the week that is flying by. By Thursday I’ve finally got my stride. And by Friday… it’s all over. Lol it’s the strangest thing. I wonder if other people have a similar experience. 

Anywho’s, here comes the prophetic part: Last Tuesday before I could even open my eyes I heard God say and saw the words “Welcome to August 22nd.” Before opening my eyes I took a good mental picture of what I was seeing and said to God “that’s a weird way of saying Good Morning… and you know I don’t like Tuesday so why are you welcoming me?” I never feel that I accomplish anything on Tuesdays, but hearing and seeing Him welcome made me feel that I had a purpose that day. I hopped up and got to work! 

Think about it…

When you enter a business, store, restaurant, or classroom many times someone welcomes you. They do this because they want you to feel warm, they want you to know you are seen (this is how we decreased theft at Victoria’s Secret), and/or because they expect something for or from you that day (whether is be a purchase, an order, or sometype of work product).  

When I worked at UNC the administrative assistant in our office would greet us each morning with a “Welcome to work!” No matter how good or bad I felt each day,  entering that office felt like the start of a new day and new opportunity. I often felt my past troubles melt away in that welcome, even if it was only for a moment. I would realize it’s a new day and I should seize it with a positive upbeat attitude. 

So, laying there in my bed I realized each day I wake with breath in my body, God is welcoming me to a new day. A new day to worship, to praise, to pray, to read, to succeed, and to Glorify Him. 

So Welcome to your new day. Stop puting off for tomorrow what you can do and what He is calling you to do today. And if it seems there are many inconviences in your life then thank God that every disrupting inconvience He can and will tranform into a divine intervention. 

God looks to speak to us each day and there is something to be achieved; so be open to His welcome each morning. He will turn your worst days into your best days.

Don’t let you Eleven turn into 40. Welcome each day as He welcomes you.

Shalom ❤


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