I don’t want to catch these feelings:

Get me out of Here; Where ever Here is.

I can recall a few times that I got myself into some mess that I really needed God to get me out of. No matter how we get into the mess, whether it’s our fault or the cards we are dealt, and no matter the last time we spoke to God, when we are in the middle of something we don’t like we immediately cry out to God to get us out! That may look different for everyone. For some it’s praying aloud, requesting prayer over social media, listening to gospel music on the way to work, or attending an additional church service. However we cry out to him, we can be assured that God hears and knows our voice. God made each of us uniquely which means we all speak to Him uniquely and He answers each of us in a way that we can understand (if we know his voice). So, I’m sure we can all recall a time where we really needed Him to save us from some situation; but, can any of us recall God taking us out of a mess that we didn’t know was messy?

What would that even look like? I believe that when we’re in “mess” that we don’t even know is “mess” we have feelings that we find extremely difficult to explain. There’s a pit in our stomach, a feeling of sadness or depression we can’t shake, a feeling of anger but there’s nothing we can pinpoint as the cause, a feeling of discontentment or incompleteness or inadequacy that we can’t figure out… Have any of you ever felt this way? An emptiness you just cant shake? Like the world (as general as that sounds) has betrayed you some way, some how?

In these moments I look to my father and all I can say is “get me out of here!” I believe that those feelings and emotions are a result of us picking up on some of the mess that we’re in, that we don’t quite know about, but that we need God to deliver us from. When attempting to processes those feelings we may be able to find tangible situations to relate them to such as a relationship, friendship, school, work, etc.

The Israelites in Egypt blamed there feelings on being enslaved. And if we’re honest, we could make a similar case. The bible says before we die to ourselves and are born again through Christ we are slaves to sin. Sometimes sin may not be cut and dry (as many “saints” try to make it) and it takes God pulling us out for us to realize that we were in some “messy” sin in the first place. (Sin is ANYTHING that is unpleasing to God) With that in mind I began to wonder what could I be enslaved to that is causing all these “feelings”? (These feelings I don’t want to catch!)

The greatest thing about the Israelites was that God had created them as a chosen people and had a WHOLE Promised Land waiting for them, “flowing with milk and honey,” even as they were slaves. Where they saw their enslavement as the reason for their cries to God, perhaps the real reason for their tears was that they could sense that they weren’t walking according to the plan and purpose God had for them (they were in a “mess” they knew nothing about). With that in mind I now began to wonder what “mess” do I need out of in order to get God’s best for me?

As we read more into Exodus, God is bringing them to the Sea (the one He split open) and we find out that many of the Israelites didn’t want to leave Egypt in the first place. So, it seems that (1) they hadn’t recognized the “mess” they were in, and/or (2) things were hard in Egypt but they got better from time to time. Just as sometimes we catch these empty “feelings” (not recognizing the mess they represent), but we can shake them by Friday, or the person we thought they were concerning apologizes, or the job we thought they were about promotes us. (These are just tricks to keep us in a never ending cycle of ups and downs).

The Israelites had become content in their mess and didn’t even know to get out, because of the sunny days from time to time. Fear of change can create contentment in things that we need to escape. And sometimes God’s escape plan can cause more discomfort than we initially bargained for (new blog coming soon).


I pray that God pulls us out of whatever mess we may be in, the known and the unknown, the mess that holds us back from our promised land, and the mess that gives us all those “feelings.” I want His best for my life, and for yours, (because you getting His best for you may actually end up benefiting me) ;). We are no longer slaves to sin and fear, for we are children of God. His Promised Land is 11 days away as long as we obey and allow Him to get us out of the mess we may be in.

But, how? Glad you asked! Let’s talk about inviting God in (You’re Invited Blog). In short: In order to allow God to get us out of a “mess” we must give him full unguarded access to our whole life. We won’t do that with someone we don’t know, love, and trust. So stop what you’re doing and talk to Him, get to know Him, love on Him, begin trusting in Him.

Don’t let your eleven become 40; this is The Start of Something Glorious.

Shalom ❤


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