Don’t allow your Eleven to Become 40

Inherit His Glory

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Welcome World Changers!


Welcome to the Eleven40 Glory Empowerment Movement Space! We have a lot housed here at the moment. You may be looking for 1 of the following things:

  1. The Eleven40Glory Empowerment Movement
    1. Blog
    2. Conference
  2. The Start of Something Glorious: 21-Day Bible Study
  3. The Renaissance Community Development Center
    1. #TheRenConf – Conference (January 20th, 2019)
    2. #TheRenWeb – Webinar Series (Next: March 27th, 2019 8pm)
  4. 320 Resource Group, LLC
    1. Conference, Workshop, & Retreat Facilitation
    2. Women of Purpose & Value Retreat: “Cultivating” (June 7th-9th, 2019)

Whatever you may be searching for we are happy that you are here. Our founder, Shekinah A. Fashaw is a doctoral student, international speaker, and author. She is also the founder and CEO of a new business known as 320 Resource Group, where she will help to bring your conference, training, workshop, and retreat vision to life. She is passionate about seeing growth in others and helping them to reach their purpose.

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What is Eleven40?

Eleven40 Glory is still being shaped and molded into all that it is destined to be. This is only year 2 but stay tuned for all the greatness to come!

Mission Statement:  An organization tasked with helping individuals pursue their purpose in life, embrace excellence while doing so; by encouraging, empowering, and equipping all those who are desiring to live a purpose-filled life.

Vision Statement: “Eleven40” will be the reminder that through life’s different seasons and journeys, there is always greatness for us to experience.

“Helping people embrace their spiritual and professional journeys, and reach their God-given purpose  in ’11 days’ through dedication.”

Meaning: Eleven40 refers to the number of days (11) it should have taken the Israelites to leave Egypt and make it to the promised land compared to the actual number of years (40) it took (See His Truths & Promises). Eleven40 represents letting go of the past and other old things for a new journey, into a new season, fulfilling a new promise. Eleven40 should also remind us of the “wilderness” experience that we must endure before the Glory and promises of God are revealed. Initially new seasons may feel like the wilderness, we may feel lost, lonely, or fearful; but God’s presence, glory, and power is consistently present even in that wilderness. Eleven40 points to the promises of God that are to be revealed, the process that is to be endured, and the glory that is to be inherited.

Whether the new journey is spiritually (i.e. a new relationship with Christ), mentally (i.e. starting school or a new job), socially (i.e. starting a family or leaving an old love), or physically (i.e. getting and maintaining that “summer bod”) Eleven40 is here to provide encouragement and guidance. If you are “searching” or just starting your journey in Christ or looking for a way to renew or refresh your life keep an eye out for “The Start of Something Glorious” a book that serves as a 21-day bible study guide to deepening your intimacy with God. If you are moving to a new city, starting a new job, heading to a new school, leaving an old or starting a new relationship/friendship, etc…. then this book and this site was created just for you!

Here we will build a community of support and encouragement as the Holy Spirit allows me to share my journey from Delray Beach, FL to Providence, RI, from “friend” 1 to “friend” 2, from school 1 to school 2, and so on. He is constantly and consistently taking each of us from one season to the next but He is also constantly and consistently meeting us in each season and place with His grace. Will we trust Him?

I hope that you enjoy what you read and join the conversation! With much love it is time to “LEAVE NOW” walk into our “PROMISED LAND” and become “HEIRS TO HIS GLORY”.

This is the start of something glorious!

Shalom ❤



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#TSOSG 21day Devotional

#TheStartofSomethingGlorious #21DayDevotional is for the non-believer, new-believer, and seasoned-believer to walk in faith and victory. This 21 day exploration will take you from Romans, through the Gospel, and into a new and deeper relationship with Christ. If you have ever said that you were unsure of where to start… here is your start! Whether you’re just starting out on your walk of faith, curious about a relationship with God, or you’ve been a follower of Christ your whole life, this book is perfect for you. Tailored towards youth and young adults this book brings the scriptures alive.

 Visit us online to purchase your signed copy today!

 *discounts available for bulk orders* Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

“For the person who has said, “I want to explore religion, but I don’t know where to start,” or “I’m in search of something greater,” The Start of Something Glorious is a must read. As you begin this journey with Shekinah, you will be provided with the basics for a fundamental understanding of Christianity. And for those that have become stagnant in their relationship with God, it will give you the lift you need to go to the next level. Teens and young adults will benefit from the real world, relatable examples shared, and with scriptures that were written more than 1000 years ago that are still applicable to our lives and the world today.”

The Start of Something Glorious is about developing a new and deeper relationship with Christ, understanding who Christ is and how He makes believers co-heirs to the throne. The Start of Something Glorious is for people who are curious about a relationship with God, folks who are just starting on their walk of faith, and those who have been followers of Christ their whole lives. Organized into a 21-day devotional this book challenges and encourages the reader to dive deeper into their faith, see through the eyes of Holy Spirit, and experience God on a different level each day. Each day ends with an activation where the reader learns to take the scriptures studied that day and activate them through prayer and worship. Science says it take 21 days to make or break a habit so this is a 21-day Jesus forming habit!

The first section: “My New Life” consists of 4 days of devotion informing the reader that their walk with Christ is only the beginning, and encourages them to stick with their walk as well as this 21-day devotional regardless of the tricks of the enemy. How many of us start a book and put it down just to pick it up some time later and realize it would have been life changing had we only completed it the first time?

The second section: “Show Me Christ” walks the reader through the gospel for 12 days. It starts by discussing the love of God, how He values and honors us, and shows it by sending His ONLY son. This section also discusses a number of the miracles, parables, and characteristics of Christ to show readers that He is still alive and everything that He did we have the power to do also, and greater. This section will call the reader to examine his or her dedication to God, accountability system, and level of faith.

The third section: “Now What?” is 5 days of discussing how to fortify this newfound relationship with and love for Christ. We talk about communion, and not being conformed to the ways of this world, living a life of purity, and making time for God.

This book is written especially for the teen and young adult who senses the love of God, needs a deeper understanding, and who may be the first of their friends to pursue God. We are not alone, even when the enemy tries to make it that way, it’s only The Start of Something Glorious!

About the Author

Shekinah Fashaw is a native of South Florida, and a current first-generation first-year Doctoral Student at Brown University, pursuing a Ph.D. in health services research. She received a Master of Science in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2017, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida in May 2015. During her journeys away from home, and with every degree, every honor, and every award, she has never neglected the many values and beliefs that her parents instilled in her as both supporters and pastors. Now more than ever, she realizes how her values, beliefs, and faith in God has carried her from a zip code slated for failure to an Ivy League institution. She would have never accomplished this without her firm foundation in Christ; and as of recent, God has charged her with sharing His gospel far and wide. It started with this book you hold in your hands, “The Start of Something Glorious” and further unfolded with the inaugural Eleven40 Glory Conference.



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Meet Shekinah

Hey everyone,

I’m Shekinah, a 20-something year old, on fire Christ lover!! I was born and raised in South Florida, attended undergrad at the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!), and received my Masters of Science in Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill (Go Heels!). I am now pursuing my Ph.D. at Brown University, and it may be hard to see at first “but only God” could make all of this possible.

I am the daughter of two ministers who have their ministry in Delray Beach, FL. I grew up dancing in church, but please don’t ask me to sing! I gave my “first sermon” when I was four, titled “Standing on the Word of God,”  it’s probably one of the funniest stories I have to tell about my life. I was a guest minister at the age of 12 and spoke about faith… Holy Spirit used me to “#ShutTheHouseDown” lol. After that sermon a woman told me “that was real nice honey but before you can really preach you have to go through something.” So I spent the next number of years searching for things to get into, often times acting like Jonah taking a straight beeline in the opposite direction of where God was calling me.

But HIS GRACE!!! And HIS MERCY! They kept me.

In 2008 my spiritual journey took a leap when I was giftted a personal prayer language. I took off to college, and that’s when things got sticky, but I never lost my rooting. Surrendering my life fully to God has been a process but now I am destined to walk in the fullness of what God has called me to do.

Starting this site was step 2! Starting the @thestart_ofsomething_glorious Instagram (which is now @eleven40glory) and writing “The Start of Something Glorious” book were step 1. So I will continue to take steps because I refuse to allow my 11 Day journey to become 40 years. I’ve discovered that 11 days is only achieved through 1:1 (one on one) time with God. Pencil it in and before you know it, it will be a lifestyle and you will never want to leave his presence.

Looking forward to sharing this walk with each of you!

Peace and Love ❤

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